Kelly McDonald
Keeping It Real

June 22 - July 12

Ironically, there’s nothing fake about Gallery Faux. It has real deadlines that require real work – herein lies the issue.


During lockdown, finding time, physical space and a truly justifiable reason to make ‘stuff’ was near impossible. Post-lockdown I didn’t anticipate the brutal ‘constipation’ of ideas and serious lack of momentum. Home-schooling has scrambled my brain, Candy Crush has stolen my time, social lethargy reigns supreme and my tools are all rusty. To return to the pooh metaphor, what usually follows a severe bout of constipation is diarrhoea, and right now, my practice is flooded with half-formed ideas. How to separate the gold nuggets from the waste? Enter the saviour, Gallery Faux.


In Keeping it Real, I will exhibit three evolving micro shows, each one delving beneath the surface to polish and firm up the best-looking nuggets…. Keep that seat warm… first up is Piss, Pooh & Spew, followed by Tools for Lockdown and lastly Masking It.

965x697 PissPoohAndSpew.jpg

Tools for Lockdown

Kelly RadPav 2019_1.jpg

Masking It

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