Factory Girl
Reset: Assignment 44-177

Work on an unfinished project



Set aside some time (can be minutes, hours or days, depending on your situation) to make progress on an unfinished project. 

Photograph the project before you begin work, and if you are working to a pattern, instructions, plan or sketch, photograph that too.

Work for as long as you are able.

Photograph any progress you have made, however small.  

To exhibit at Gallery Faux


Send us: 

•  2 photos of your project (before and after)

•  Photo of the pattern, instructions, plan or sketch, if any 

•  Description of the project, including what or who it is for and when you started it (eg Knitted dragon for Jasper, started in January)

•  The project number (44-177)

•  A sentence about this experience (optional)

See FAQ: How to send us your work

Attribution: This assignment is a Factory Girl creation, added under the remit of Assignment 44: Make a LTLYM Assignment  on the Learning to Love You More website.  It was inspired by Sarah's excellent neighbour Libby.