Factory Girl
Reset: Assignment 44-179


Choose any assignment from the LTLYM website 



Browse the assignments at learningtoloveyoumore.com. Select the assignment that fits your need for a reset activity, read the brief and complete the assignment.

Note re Assignment 44: Make a LTLYM Assignment. There are some corkers here, but they aren't easily viewed on the LTLYM website, nor are they numbered, so we created a list.  


To exhibit at Gallery Faux

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•  The number of the assignment (if you have chosen an assignment created for #44, see our list for reference)

•  Images and/or text as stipulated on the LTLYM website

•  A sentence about your experience (optional)

•  Your reason for selecting this task (optional)

See FAQ: How to send us your work

Attribution: This assignment is a Factory Girl creation, added under the remit of Assignment 44: Make a LTLYM Assignment  on the Learning to Love You More website.  

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