Factory Girl
Reset: Assignment 44-36

Photograph your most frequented place


Work out the place you pass or visit most often. Not the most interesting or picturesque or your favourite. Just literally the place that you visit or pass most often in your current daily routine.


A: Visit the spot four times in 24 hours and photograph it each time.(You may need to set an alarm to remind yourself)


B: Video the view as you turn 360 degree​s in 10 seconds

To exhibit at Gallery Faux

Send us: 

• 4 Photographs of the spot, taken within 24 hours, OR
a 10-second video of the 360 view 

•  The name of the location

•  Why you pass this spot so often (a sentence)

•  The assignment number (44-36)

•  A sentence about this experience (optional)

See FAQ: How to send us your work

Attribution: This assignment is adapted from one created by Hannah Andres of Toronto, Canada, under the remit of Assignment 44: Make a LTLYM Assignment  on the Learning to Love You More website.