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Here are the assignments that were created during the LTLYM project in response to LTLYM assignment #44: Make a  LTLYM Assignment. You can click the creator name to go to the brief on the LTLYM website.  


If you decide to complete one of these assignments for inclusion in our Gallery Faux show, please include the number when you send us your submission.

44-1      Candy Lawrence   Take your cat on a trip

44-2      Marie W.   Write the perfect job ad you wish you could find in the paper

44-3      Peter Max Lawrence   Produce sticker

44-4      Kim Ha   Make a message in fresh snow

44-5      Matt Thompson  Operate a Pedestrian taxi service from a cardboard box

44-6      S. Forst   Photograph 27 important people in yr life

44-7      Amanda Owen-Doerr  Make a drawing of a nightmare you had as a child

44-8      Marie-Pier Labbé   Take an ooglie picture of yourself or of a friend

44-9      Pippa Possible   Take a  picture of strnagers who are dressed alike

44-10    Kat M.  Write an "Acknowledgements" page as a tribute to their support, as it would appear in the back of your book

44-11    Caroline   Write or type an encouraging or inspiring message on a dollar bill

44-12    Sarah RaRa   Read your parent's favourite book

44-13    Amanda Owen-Doerr  Make a business card and write a cover letter for someone you don't like for the job that you feel would be a perfect match for them

44-14    Em El  Document something that made you smile today

44-15    Alessandra  Take a picture of someone else's clothesline

44-16    Alessandra  Take a picture of a birthday cake

44-17    Alessandra  Take a picture of someone sleeping

44-18    Alessandra  Take a picture of strangers flirting

44-19    Alessandra  Take a picture of a used tissue

44-20    Lina  Draw a picture of someone else's dream

44-21    Debs McCoy  Take a photograph of drunken strangers

44-22    Debs McCoy Take a photograph of someone doing a handstand

44-23    Debs McCoy  Take a photo of someone's bookcase, not your own

44-24    Debs McCoy  Take a photo of a tree in an unusual place

44-25    Debs McCoy  Take a photograph of clouds

44-26    Glan  Make yourself at home with nature

44-27    Sibell  Remember cats and dogs from the past

44-28    Britta Barrett  Write a letter from everyone discovering your deepest darkest secrets

44-29    Matthew Farina  Take a picture of a beautiful object in a retirement home

44-30    Garrett  Make a list of five things you regret, but weren't responsible for

44-31    b&t  Eat your favorite movie

44-32    Chelsea Navarro  Make a figurine or toy of someone you love very much

44-33    Chris Link Re-enact an office event using items found in your office

44-34    Brittany Shoot and Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen  Stand for one minute in a parking lot by a car

44-35    Kiev and Karen  Make a series of wearable art or sculptures or somethings out of used holiday wrapping paper

44-36    Andres Hannah  Photograph & audio record your most frequented spot in your neighbourhood

44-37    Duda Valle  Choose one letter from your alphabet and make a graphic poem

44-38    Vanessa Blaikie  Make a birthday present for someone out of paper

44-39    Ben Benson  Make a 'LOST' poster

44-40    Shelley Kemmerer  List 100 of your favorite things

44-41    Marco Ugolini   Use the chalk to connect your house to the house of your neighbour

44-42-   Jack Take a photo of a crazy-looking hairdo

44-43    Jack  Take a photo of a crazy-looking hairdo

44-44    Rouge  Create a Food Bonanza

44-45    Jack  Photograph your hand as it mimics psychological states you passed through at a turning-point in your life

44-46    Kaja Dutka  Make a photo session of your dear piece of furniture

44-47    Anonymous  Replace real objects with paper replicas

44-48    Anonymous  Create an animal and infiltrate it into a group of real stuffed animals

44-49    Alyse Emdur  Make a list of things you at first disliked but later learned to love

44-50    Laura Lazarus  Take a photo of your scrabble board

44-51    Jamie Lynn  Write yourself a letter

44-52    Brad Phillips  Draw and/or describe the dream you had last night

44-53    Aaron Hughes  Make a drawing for peace

44-54    Felicity Fenton  Give flowers to any stranger whom compliments, smiles, or says "hello" to you

44-55    Maile McCarthy  Describe what happens outside your window

44-56    Brian Patrick Grady  Create a list of your 6 finest pseudonyms and give a brief history behind each one

44-57    Allison Spears  Take a picture of someone flipping her hair

44-58    Marcia Carmen  Paint a mural

44-59    Julia Vitalis  Document your heart's feelings

44-60    Kathi  Take a photo of your current fruit basket

44-61    Jennifer Leontine Murphy  Photograph the shadow of two people embracing

44-62    Jennifer Leontine Murphy Take a picture of what's in your refrigerator

44-63    Anonymous  Take a picture of moving cars at night

44-64    Jared Siegel  Photograph an employee from an establishment you frequent at least twice a week

44-65    R.P. Frampton  Cut a hole into an object

44-66    Jyelle Vogel  Wear all your clothes

44-67    Matthieu Despres  Preserve autumn

44-68    Carla Duarte  Get in touch with the owner of something you got at Goodwill

44-69    Amanda Tigner  Write a short one-act play

44-70    Lia Simone  Take a picture of your bathroom sink

44-71    Jessyca Murphy  Read Gertrude Stein

44-72    Soanne  Make your emotional resume

44-73    Caroline Dijckmeester  Make a Paint Collage with your gut in under 30 min

44-74    Panoptica  Get a girly girl (or menly men) magazine and make a collage out of it

44-75    Kristen Meinzer  Give advice to your mother, father, or grandparent in the past

44-76    Iris Andrade  Document a Connection

44-77    Sarah Hing Leadley  Write a letter collaboratively with a friend

44-78    Kate Carr  Make a recording of people writing the word beautiful

44-79    Meghan Tauck  Ask a stranger for help

44-80    Arianna  Make a list of ten things not to do before you die

44-81    AC  Write a love letter without using romantic language

44-82    Peek 1  Make a treasure out of trash

44-83    Peek 2  Make a cool smoker look uncool

44-84    Tara Cox  Make a field guide to the animals that appear in your dreams

44-85    Jo and Daniel  Build yourself a fortress and give it a name

44-86    Anonymous  Write a message in grass

44-87    Anonymous  Take a picture of a dog peeing

44-88    Elizabeth Underwood  Make a "Favorite Things" questionnaire

44-89    Richard Makin  Photograph a stranger shouting something which embarrasses them

44-90    Shari  Set up a lemonade stand

44-91    Vide Video  Take a picture of the possibility of television

44-92    Christine Gray Teach a new craft to someone much older or younger than you. Invite them to teach you a craft

44-93    Mark Batongmalaque  Free Drawing Exchange

44-94    Jenn Figg  Fill a forgotten or unseen space with a homemade flower

44-95    Cecilia de Jong Rogren  Take a picture of a child's secret place

44-96    Shaun Owens-Agase  Disguise something you use everyday

44-97    Nina Yuen  Make Over Your Father's Pants

44-98    Liz Gonzalez  Make a photo collage of you and your loved ones

44-99    Scott Wayne Indiana  Create your own project

44-100  Emily  Write a poem, story, or draw/take a picture of a Grandparent

44-101  Christi Gravett-Carrington  Turn Your Dream Into Notes For A Stage Production

44-102  Clara and Lily  Perform a scene from a Shakespeare play with one other person, unrehearsed, for one audience member

44-103   Ruebi Freyja  Write about your hand

44-104  Patricia Ely  Take a picture with a beautiful view under your feet

44-105   Karma Mitchell  Create an image that visually depicts what the word "joy" means to you

44-106  Ric Hubbard  Take a picture of your pet

44-107  Patricia Ely  Give a kiss to your pet

44-108  Daniel Davidson  Create a pattern and make a painting

44-109  Daniel Davidson  Create a self-portrait of yourself

44-110  Joshua Sirkin  Take 6 pictures of a friend showing different expressions in each picture. Label each picture with the expression that your friend is trying to show

44-111   Lexi Pritchett  Complete a LTLYM assignment just by reading the title, without reading the instructions. Be creative

44-112  Los Gordos Draw a picture of love

44-113  Valenzuela  Describe a moment of tenderness you shared with a family member

44-114  Jeannie Urbanski  Write a letter to yourself and trust someone you don't know with it

44-115  Keri Smith  Create instructions for a simple everyday task

44-116  Aphazia  Make a list of all the things you love about a particular person

44-117  Brandon Anderson  Call a long lost best friend

44-118  Iris Andrade  Choose a word and translate it

44-119  Christopher Bingel  Photograph a populated place

44-120  Tara Perry  Create the soundtrack of your life

44-121  Gustavo Gonzalez Garza  Document your Nigerian Scam

44-122  Amanda Mello  Make a list of your top 10 favorite smells from childhood

44-123  Kyle O'Connor  Write stories from a game of Scrabble

44-124  Matt Prins  Write a letter to someone you love or miss dearly by whiting out the words in a comic book and adding your own 

44-125  Jessica Aceti  Have your mom make a mask out of a Tortilla

44-126  A Swanland  Take a picture of local graffitti that is more arty and less name-tagging

44-127  Tim Mayer  Learn something from another person that you previously had no interest in

44-128  Baybury Smith  Write your life story as if it took place in one day

44-129  Eryn Day  Spread the love around you

44-130  Isabelle  Create a word that people can use

44-131  Andrea Lambert  Photograph as many 'exquisite' things that you see

44-132  Alison Klein  Photograph a water reflection

44-133  Nibboes, Nibs, and Neebz  Make up a word and give it a definition

44-134  Melody Claussen  Describe, illustrate or take a picture of a childhood toy that helped get you through a rough time

44-135  Diana Rico  Describe a dream you had which signaled a major shift in your life

44-136  Michael Margolis  Create an ongoing gallery of drawings commemorating events in your friends' lives

44-137  Mike Graham  Take a picture of an object someone has made for you

44-138  Leah Winders  Develop a strategy for outgrowing the need for government, and/or share some examples of how you are working to that end in your daily life

44-139  David Horvitz  Take a photograph of motel-art

44-140  Ric Royer  Write a letter to a person who doesn't know how much you admire them

44-141  Gabriela Tollman  Ask a stranger what they wanted to be when they were a child

44-142  Jessica Earley  Make a scrapbook of Lost and Found flyers in your neighborhood

44-142  Melissa Greenfield  Document your secret self

44-144  Katherine  Take a picture of your favorite snuggle

44-145  Miriam Bale  Draw a picture of Jesus Christs on the cross, from memory

44-146  Toby Barlow  Write a short story involving George Plimpton

44-147  John Doeland  Write a Haiku

44-148  Fedor  Make art out something you have spilled

44-149  Judy Rushin  Draw a map of your childhood places

44-150  Caroline B  Revel in antiquity

44-151  Rebecca Gragg  Illustrate a dream

44-152  Sarah Grace  Create a CD of your favorite songs

44-153  Jenny Hart  Describe a cherished, lost possession

44-154  AJ Lily  Create a "pet" using only materials you find in your home or outside

44-155  Becky Johnson  Remake the cover of your favorite book

44-156  Steve Kowal  Write a letter to yourself from the point of view of your least favorite body part

44-157  Morris Lessman  Create a large abstracted self portrait (enlarge image to abstraction, use single colour for background)

44-158  Asha Schechter  Make a rainbow with your socks

44-159  Tiffany Lee Brown  Give us a one word description of a recent vacation

44-160  Jason Burns  Take a picture of moonlight

44-161  Thayne Muller  Pray with your ears

44-162  McCloud Zicmuse  Make a hangable piece of art on the subject of fruit measuring 10 inches or smaller

44-163  Carla Zarate  Describe a moment in your city

44-164  George  Describe a reviled childhood tormenter and imagine how he/she may have come to redeem themselves in their adulthood

44-165  Colleen Baran  What would you do with $2000?

44-166  Ruxandra Guidi  Interview an old person about something they loved

44-167  Kaylee Pickinpaugh  Compare descriptions of yourself and another person with each other

44-168  Anna Wilson  Take a picture of a space where something used to be

44-169  Ellie Rimar  Make a list of the top five reasons your best friend is your best friend

44-170  Gaelan Finney-Day  List 100 things that you like

44-171  Maryanne  Make a wallet out of duct tape

44-172  Julienne Givot  Tell us about your next door neighbor

44-173  Natasha Quam  Draw or photograph something you use everyday and write its biography

44-174  Brian Dodd  Tell your secret crush how you felt (feel)

44-175  Cyndi Adamo  Create a picture of a person wearing a t-shirt of your favorite band