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Tools for Lockdown

Tools for Lockdown is my response to a creative confusion I’m still trying to unpack. Some of these works were made or conceived during lockdown, others are more recent. Together they represent the paradox of the last few months: concurrent fertility and aridity, futility and fecundity. 


Thinking about those 49 days leads me to my  youngest’s first foray into taxidermy….   

Mum, I did taxidermy!

Yes! But I think it’s reverse taxidermy because you took all the fur off....

Elementally Hammered. Steel hammerhead, steel stove top element coil.

Exhausted. Steel motorbike exhaust pipe, cord

Nadir. Steel and brass plumb bob, cord.


(A plumb bob is a pointed weight attached to a string. It is used in building and surveying to find a vertical reference line where the highest point is known as the zenith and the lowest, the nadir. In common usage nadir refers to the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation.)

Bent Foxy, Cock and Ball, Measured. Wood, steel saw, brass ballcock toilet float, steel tool pieces, steel engineer’s external calipers, brass spoon handle

Tools for Lockdown

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